Saturday, February 2, 2013

Royal Dutch Criminal?

Whatever is on my mind? Well, this week that was quit a lot, to be honest, working on my last two
courses for school, enjoying myself on GoodReads, having an information overload, trying to figure out my next steps for when I finally graduate and the interesting things in the news.

This week the Queen has decided that it is was time to pass on the throne to the new generation: Prince Willem Alexander and Maxima, or King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima, as they will be, by the end of April. I wasn't going to blog about this, since the Royal family is not something I find highly fascinating. Don't get me wrong, they do a good job and all. I have the utter most respect for the queen, but I just don't find it an uninteresting topic.

Then why are you blogging about it?, you might think. Well, yesterday I have received the most disturbing email about the Royal family. And it has been in an out of mind for the rest of yesterday and today. This women who wrote the email, claims, in short, that the Royal family are paedophiles. She claims to have witnessed pedophile activities by the Royal family (including Queen Beatrix and Crown Prince Willem Alexander) and some ministers in Bangkok. Then she also claims that the Royal family wants to assassinate her for what see has seen in Bangkok. She claim that there have been nine attempts on her life.

Shocking, right? I can't believe it, that can't be true and I have never heard anything like it. The Royal family are no angels, ofcourse but these accustations are very disturbing. On the other side what the heck do I know about what the Royal family does in there private life? They can throw wicked parties, smoke some weet or order an escort, and nobody will ever find out (or at least not until they die).

But what if the Royal family are a bunch of criminals? Wouldn't  somebody have noticed something sooner? Not everybody can be assassinated or paid of. It would be a great shame if all the accusations were true, the country is allready in a financial mess, this would worsen the situation even more.  I would be ashamed to be part of this country and having a Royal family that finds it fun to play with kids. It is disgusting!

It is hard to believe, that the Royal family would do such a thing in public (at noon) when they will be spotted by at least the media and a lot of other people. It is not like a group of well dressed people, of wealthy looking status would go unnoticed in broad daylight. Not even in Bangkok I think!

The choice of medium is also peculiar to me, it was posted as an announcement at the Linkedin Group International business. It seems as though she wants the International society to stop trading with the Netherlands. Why else would you post such a thing on a business forum?

I think this women is just trying either to get attention for some other mental problem or likes to make a fuss about all the praise the queen has been getting from the media, BN'ers and citizens. This was the only way for her to shame the queen.
Lets hope, this doesn't turn out to be true, one crisis is more than enough for The Netherlands to handle. It will damage our International business postion a great deal.

 This is the link to the announcement (I don't know if you will be able to read it or not):

Shocking message

What do you think? Truth or garbage??

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