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Hello everybody,

Welcome to Ice Cold Passion.com,

I am Irene, thirty-ish woman, from the Netherlands. My daily activities are, smoking pod, looking at tulips and eating loads of cheese. Just kidding, I don't do any of the stereotypical stuff. All though I have worked with tulips in the past.

I started blogging in February 2012, by writing about my skating experiences (natural ice tours), at my blog, Ice Queen's bookshelf. A year later, I started blogging more actively about another passion of mine, reading.

In May 2013, I decided to change my blogging perspective to writing about books. I have being doing so ever since. r

After a while I also added another passion to my blog, this being music. I started a musical meme called Swinging Saturdays, where I share a musical top 5 or 10 every Saturday. For more information on my meme will follow soon.

I have left Ice Queen's bookshelf behind (but I have taking all my posts with me) and started this wonderful new blog, called Ice Cold Passion. This is going to be my new English language,  outlet for my thoughts on books, music, movies and TV-series. Combining all my passions in life together.

This blog will also have a dutch counterpart called: IJskoude passie.com, were I will share my thoughts in Dutch. There will be many cross references between my blogs, to make my posts available in both languages (and keeping up the bi-lingual part, but in a more organized way).

If you click on the dutch flag, it will take you to the Dutch post. 

I hope you enjoy my blog,

Happy reading,



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