Review Opportunities

Genres I review:

I review books of Indie/Self-published and published authors both ARC's and already released books covering age categories young adult, new adult, and Adult. I review books in these (sub) genres: 
  • Fantasy (including all the subgenres)
  • Science Fiction (including all the subgenres)
  • Horror

Book formats & Info

I accept paperbacks/hardcovers and ebooks in preferably mobi but pdf format is also an option.  In case of paperbacks/hardcovers, please take into account that I live in the Netherlands. 

If you want me to read & review your book please email me with your name, the title of the book and the synopsis, what you expect from me, the deadline if there is one (release date if it's an ARC).  
Please let me know if  your book is part of a series, if it is please send me the first book in the series!

You can send an email to: and I will gladly respond to your request!

Note: I can't promise you that I'll like your book. My reviews consist of my honest opinion about the book, this includes my likes and dislikes. The rating will be the same for all books, whether they were provided by the author, bought by me or was a freebie. I will make a mention of who provided the book.

Review structure 

My reviews always consists of  a synopsis, my opinion and rating. Sometimes I add something extras, such as a discussion of the important characters, musical suggestion or quotes.

 Synopsis and translation

  1. The synopsis of my reviews originate mostly from Goodreads or the author (website). However they may not be an exact copy, since sometimes I add and leave out sentences I don't like or change it for the use of my review.
  2. My reviews on this site will be in English.

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