Monday, March 24, 2014

My favourite place to blog

Today I want to share something fun, well at least I thought is was really funny. I want to share a picture of what my desk looks like on a saturday afternoon, when I am preparing posts, looking for new books and what not! Here it is!

Well in the left corner you see a little bit of my printer, on top of which lies a book about digital drawing and my agenda (with a cute cat on the cover).

The two open books are my notebook and my paperback copy of Bitten by Kelley Armstrong (which I finished on sunday).

Then there is my Raboreader (for banking),  pen and of course more paper to write stuff. And of course the best B-day present I ever got! My kindle!!!

The paper next to my wallet is my TBR-monster! A real big monster! I made a checklist of my TBR and still don't know were to start!

Right, maybe I should explain the two laptops now. The one to the left, is my old one, it still works fine as long as you leave it in one place, I can't pick it up without it almost falling apart. So why keep it then? Well this is my music/tv/movie computer. While I am working on my blog or want to relax I usually put something on either a movie, TV-series or music. As you can see I was listening to some music when I took this picture!

Then there is my new baby, my Macbook! Yeey I finally made the switch to Apple. I am still getting used to it, had to figure out a lot of things in the beginning and I am still not comfortable with working in Pages and Numbers (tips and tricks are always welcome!).

In between the laptops, my morning cup of coffee, and one of the two speakers, providing me with a great sound. I bought these speakers when I lived in Canada, paid about $25 for them and they were totally worth every penny!

So that's it, what does your desk look like when you are blogging??? Feel free to leave a comment!

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