Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Books: My Wishful Thinking ~ Shel Delisle

Title: My Wishful Thinking
Author: Shel Delisle
Sort of story: Standalone
Publishing date: 20, Oktober, 2012
Publisher: Something Else Publishing
Language: English only
Number of pages: 242 p.
Age category: Young Adult, New adult



Birthday candles, dandelions, turkey bones or shooting stars-- seventeen-year-old Logan Carter never passes up a chance to make a wish. But there’s nothing magical about her life until the day a genie goes poof and promises to grant her every desire.

Can she finally bring her father home? Help her mother? Find true love?

It all seems possible—if she can figure out one little complication. She has to share the genie with her best friend Emily, and their desires only come true if they wish for and receive the exact same thing.

It's time for Logan to compromise, because no two people--no matter how close--can agree on everything.


It felt like summer, but it was only spring. 

I started reading this on a rather warm and sunny day, I was looking for something light and fun. I decided that this might satisfy my hunger. And I can surely tell you that I have not regretted it one bit. This book was hilarious at times, it is a chicklit with a paranormal twist. 

The characters were very enjoyable Logan, is a skeptic, even though she doesn't pass up the opportunity to make a wish.  She is skeptical about lots of things in life but it gets worst when a genie pops up out of a bag. 

Logan finds mister Genie, or Eugene (aka Vash) as he calls himself, very annoying and a pain in the butt. This makes for great banter between the two of them, which lead to hilarious moments. And of course me laughing out loud.

Emily is the complete opposite of Logan, she beliefs in the magic of the genie in the back.  The only downside to this story was that sometimes there were pieces missing, or it felt that way. It let to me having to reread pieces of the book. 


This was a nice treat, for a sunny afternoon or a rainy sunday morning. Whatever you choose, this will make you smile, or maybe even laugh very loudly, making people looking at you like you are insane. Give it a try, I am giving it three skaters! 

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