Sunday, July 30, 2017

Swinging Saturdays #69: R.I.P. Chester Bennington

Swinging saturdays is a musical meme hosted by Ice Cold Passion, to share our passion for music. The goal is to make a top 5 (or Top 10) for whatever genre or artist you like or get creative and share a theme based music top 5. For example a bookish soundtrack, funny songs, song to listen to on a rainy day top 5.

I had scheduled this for last week, right after his passing, but ended up not finishing because as per usually I got distracted. I still felt like posting this so here is what I wrote last week:

One guess, should be enough, the world lost another great singer. I know Hybrid Theory and Meteora by heart, and when we (me and my sister) heard the news of Chesters passing, it threw us a little. To be honest I don't think anybody had seen this coming.  Even though I don't listen to their music nearly enough anymore,  Linkin Park and with it Chester Benningon was one of my idols.

So yeah, today we remember his work, while the whole metal scene remembers for us the person he was, we as fans will remember his music.

Can we try to make Linkin Park the most streamed hit on the web for just know? Let's all show them that he will not be forgotten!

One More Light

Album: One More Light


Album: The Hunting Party

In My Remains

Album: Living Things

Burning In The Skies

Album: A Thousand Suns

Bleed It Out

Album: Minutes To Midnight


Album: Collision Course

Paper cut

Album: Hybrid Theory

New Divine

Album: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Soundtrack


Album: Meteora

In The End

Album: Hybrid Theory

What is your favourite Linkin Park song?
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