Thursday, February 7, 2013


The Twilight movie-saga has finally reached it's end. All though the Twilight trend has not yet been smashed into the ground (which I would love to do). Hollywood and the rest of the only-movie-watching-non-reading society is seriously trying to annoy the crap out of me, by comparing EVERY paranormal romance/dystopian/fantasy book-turning-into-movie with Twilight.

It is like comparing apples with peaches and lemons, a Kioti tractor with a Case 4WD, to stick with the topic it's like comparing vampires with werewolves, pixies, gnomes, trolls, elfs or faeries, which are all very different in nature. As are the writers that have written the stories.

It doesn't do the writers justice that they are all having to enduring endless comparisons with Twilight. I read somewhere that someone was comparing Interview with the Vampire with Twilight, saying Anne Rice had it all screwed up with her vampires, they are able to walk in the sunlight, they just sparkle. The ignorance!

Anne Rice's books are on a completely different level as Twilight. They are much more complex and are just literary masterpieces one by one (yes literature! Of the greatest) You can add her to the list of Shakespeare, Jane Austen or Charles Dickens, as in the quality of the writing.

Yes, I am going to rant on for a bit, so if you are allready annoyed with me for saying those things, you might as well stop reading here, because now I am going to get really nasty.

Then they start comparing with The Vampire Diaries, saying things like: now that Stephenie Meyer has opened doors they come with this rip off serie. I like to correct a couple of things here for the unknowing ignorant people that say this: I hate to break it to you but the first vampire diaries book (The Awakening) was published back in 1991, which was more than ten years before the existence of Twilight which was published first in 2005.

To go even further back in time, one of the first vampire books was, Bram Stoker's Dracula, which was publish a century before that, in 1897. Earlier stories of vampire exist as well, a published story by John Williamm Polidori in 1819 is one of them.

Yes people vampires have a long history, which probably dates back even further than the 18th century (since they are based on old legends). Back to the 21th century, there are many other books with vampires that came before Twilight: The Nightworld series by L.J. Smith (first book was published in 1996), The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice which includes Interview with the Vampire (first published in 1976), Darren Shan series (published in 2000) and the Sookie Stackhouse serie (published in 2001).

This is but an small portion of what was allready out there. Authors have always been fasinated by vampires, it' is a popular subject to write about in the fantasy world. The same goes for witches which have a similarly long history. (No comparison here just facts).

Then the apples with pears comparison, I know it revolves around books in the same genre, with similar story lines, written for the same audience, but the author's voice is what makes them unique.Therefore you shouldn't compare zombies falling in love with humans  with vampires falling in love with humans. It is not the same, and therefore it is out of the question.

That being said, I should mention that I do love the Twilight books. Twilight is the reason I got back into reading again. Twilight, is how I remembered to fall in love with a book again. Twilight, made me want to read more and more. Twilight is the reason I started exploring the fantasy genre more, which let to equally amazing author finds. 

I think you get the point, I love Twilight, I just don't like the hype. 

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