Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bullying should be illegal!

In the last few months bullying has been on the Dutch news various times, two teenagers took their lives because they were bullied. Isn't it horrible?, that those two kids didn't see another way out, then to take their own lives? That is why I wanted to write my blog about it to create some awareness. Or at least I can hope it will. :)

Sometimes when I am watching the news,  I'm thinking to myself: what  the hell is wrong with the inhabitants of this world teenagers taking their live, a guy shooting at an whole island of teenagers, another shooting at a school and at a premiere. And the shitload of pedophiles that have been molesting little children, who will be damaged for life. And don't start me on all the pointless violence cases.

Sometimes, you just don't want to watch the news any more. The crimes are all horrible, but when it comes to bullying, it get me personally. I know how it feels to be left out, to be called names, the horrible things they said about your parents, how they talk about you behind your back, how they ruined my bicycle, the hurtfull thing they said.

The question, I think, all people that have been bullied have is: Why? Why me? and What have I ever done to you, to make you hate me so much? The answer to those questions, I owe you, because I haven't been able to get the answers myself. It has haunted me, made me insecure and caused a big dent in me trusting people. 

Allthough my high school years weren't all that great, it has given me some great skills. I am stronger, more passionate and driven to chase my dreams. To prove everybody wrong, about who I am and what I can and cannot achieve. For all the people who are being bullied, you can get out, just be strong, raise your head up high. 

And because I am a book-aholic here are some books about bullying, it may change your mind on the subject, JUST DON'T BULLY IT IS HURTFULL AND UNFAIR!

  • Dear Bully
  • Souls in Peril
  • Thirteen Reasons Why
  • Lessons from a Dead Girl
  • Torn Souls
  • Keep Holding On
  • Spijt!

  • If you have Goodreads and want to read more books about bullying look at the topic about bullying books here:

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