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Books: Jenny Pox ~ J.L. Bryan

Titel: Jenny Pox
Author: J.L. Bryan
Publisher: J.L. Bryan
Publishing date: 22 July 2010
Number of pages: 310 p.
Serie(s): Jenny Pox #1
Age category: New Adult/Adult
Other books in the series:
Genre: Horor, Paranormal Romance
Tommy Nightmare (Jenny Pox #2)
Alexander Death (Jenny Pox #3)
Jenny Plague-Bringer (Jenny Pox #4)

About Jenny Pox

Jenny was born with a strange power, when touched, she can give you the pox, or as they also call it the Jenny Pox. Jenny lives in a little town and she is not the only one with hidden powers. There is also Seth (the Healer) and Ashleigh (who spreads desire by touch). Ashleigh is a manupulative mindtwisting maniac, and has to be stopped. Only Jenny and Seth, can stop her.

My Thoughts

I am still recovering from this book, it keeps me up at night, thinking about it. It is brilliant, because of the twists in the story, I found myself wondering throughout the book. What are Ashleigh's motives? What is her ultimate goal?

I lived and hated with the characters, but there are also some very nasty parts in this book. Pregnancies and threesomes caused by Ashleigh, bullying, "walking corpes". To top it off Jenny covered in her pox, that was just awful for my overly active imagination, I can picture it with all the gory details. Yak..

I am not sure if this is really an young adult book, I would say it is an adult read, due to the sexual content and the mind games. I haven't read anything like this book! I am looking forward to the rest of the series!

Ashleigh would be a perfect match for Shinichi of the vampire diaries series. Where she spreads desire he spreads pain, chaos, and hate. Would be the perfect couple :P
3 skaters for this fantastic read! 

Music: Iron and Whine

Oh and ofcourse my music suggestion, which was very hard for this book. I don't know the artists discussed in the book and I don't remember the names now, but I would go with Iron & Wine on this one.

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