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Books: Famous... Or Not ~ LeAnn Coston

Title: Famous... or not
Author: LeAnn Coston
Publisher: LeAnn Coston (self-published) 
Published: 16th, February, 2013
Number of Pages: 176 p.
Sort of story: Novella, Standalone
Age category: Adult
Genre Contemporary Romance

About Famous... or not

So, imagine this:

You're sitting in your backyard, in middle-America, and you hear a noise. You look up. The Sexiest Man in the Universe hops over your privacy fence and runs across your yard. After a few seconds, about seven or eight paparazzi hop the fence and follow him. Now, that's something you just don't see everyday in Oklahoma.

As the commotion continues and dogs start barking, you can hear the chase going all through your neighbors yards. Finally, it quiets down again, and you look back at the magazine you were reading--the celebrity magazine showing the cover picture of the Sexiest Man in the Universe.

After a bit, you hear a noise, and Mr. Sexiest Man hops the fence-again! You realize he's probably only eluding paparazzi, but part of you hopes he came around to see you just one more time. You nod at the open door to the lawn mower shed. He ducks inside. The paparazzi hop the fence again, but you tell them their prey has eluded them. With disgust, they walk down your driveway and leave.

So, with wry amusement, you walk across your own backyard to your lawnmower shed, where the Sexiest Man in the Universe happens to be hiding. (Source: Goodreads)

My Opinion

This was a fun short read, about Loralei (the woman in the backyard) and Tim (Mr. Sexiest Man of the Universe). It is the cutest thing, this book is. It kind of reminded me of Pride and Prejustice in a way. There was sex but no detailed scenes, as you might see in Erotica books. Loralei would mention a splendid night but, no details are included, which makes this a sweet read.

Loralei is a very interesting character, which at first we know nothing about. Not knowing what kind of work she does, and what her objectives in life are (that she mentions through out the book). It is a very smart way of writing!

Tim, mr. Sexy, is a famous actor, but with all the luxery he has forgotten how it feels to be normal. Loralei opens his eyes, and he is finally able to relax and enjoy life again.

For me it was also very inspirering, and it got me thinking of what I still want out of life. It opened my eyes, and I realized that I should start planning the things that I want to achieve, or at least have an idea on how I will be able to. So yeah four stars for this cute little book!


Music suggestion: Tokyo and I Shot My Manager by Gruppo Sportivo don't know why but it is kind of soothing.

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