Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stacking The Shelves #2

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks! This is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews and anyone can get involved!

This was a great freebie week, I decided last week that I was going to keep a count of the amount of freebies I get a week.. I am embarrassed to share but here is my final count *starts hiding under the table* I have gotten 108 freebies! *still hiding... Let me share 5 of them with you today (else it would be a really long post).

1. Willow ~ A Blood Vine series #1 ~ Amy Richie ~

“Being a werewolf is harder than it looks. Everyone thinks it’s just morph at the full moon, kill, morph back. That’s not true. It’s a lot harder than that. Especially if you are seventeen years old.”

Willow has the worst luck. First she has to deal with her narcissistic foster mother, Bella; then of course there’s her horrid little sister Ivy; not to mention the pack of werewolves that belong to Bella. Now, they have to move and start a new school - again.

Just when Willow thinks things can’t get any worse, Blake shows up from a council she never knew existed to name her leader of a pack she never knew existed. How was she supposed to teach a bunch of teenagers how to be wolves when she herself hated everything about her life? ( Source: Goodreads)

2. Firstborn ~ The MaCall Prophecy Trilogy #1 ~ Carrigan Fox

Jac MaCall is the eldest daughter of a wealthy and brilliant security consultant. She, however, has chosen a different life for herself, running a new age store that specializes in selling crystals, candles, and aromatherapy that enable people to tap into their subconscious awareness. But when Dr. Will Archer’s office is vandalized by a dangerous organization threatening his life, fate sends Jac in as a consultant for her father’s business to update his security and provide additional protection.

The old adage about opposites attracting proves true the moment he opens his door and finds the exotic beauty standing in her yoga pants while lecturing him on his security system and asking questions better left to the police. In time, Will and Jac learn that a prophecy involving the firstborn child of Will Archer has an extremist militant group fearful enough that they will not stop until Will and his unborn child are destroyed. When Jac gets a vision of her own future with the uptight and irresistible Dr. Archer, it becomes evident to everyone involved that she will play a bigger role in this prophecy than anyone had imagined.

And while her premonitions help her keep him alive, even she cannot foresee that their passion for each other will endanger them both.

3. Raksha ~ Blood & Fire #1 ~ Frankie Rose

She has no name.

She has her knives; her training; her halo.

The first and second give her the tools and the skill to defeat the opponents she is pitched against each month. The third frees her from pain and fear. From any kind of emotion at all. Everything is as it should be. Everything is as it should be, until…



4. Love, Lies and Friends ~Ellis Maton

For every group of teenagers the beginning of summer is the start to many great things. But, when Kate is murdered her friends lives are ruined. Her best friend Rachel goes on a journey to discover the truth behind her friends death. As well as trying to figure out who killed their best friend this group of friends are caught up in Love triangles, rifts in friendship which of course leads to a whole lot of drama. But for these people the truth is closer than they think as every single one of them have a reason to have killed Kate. But the truth is bigger than any of them could have ever imagined. Just as things seem to be looking up, of course they come crashing right back down as dark secrets about all of their lives are revealed.



5. Banished from grace ~ Fall from grace #1 ~ Aria Williams

 Nardia is a young woman who woke up in an abandoned building over four hundred years ago when the plague was sweeping England. It was at this time she discovered that she had a special gift. She could heal the sick with her bare hands. Fast forward to the present day she has not aged and has no recollection of who she is and why she can perform miracles.
Life should be easy for Nardia, she is young and beautiful and could get any man she wanted, she just didn’t expect for two wonderful men to show so much interest at the same time. Nardia is confused and worries that making the wrong choice between the men could have disastrous conquences . One of these men is deceitful and has his own agenda and has not told the truth from the moment they met.

6. Pest ~ Henk van Kerkwijk.

I also went shopping with my mother, and bought myself a book I have read when I was younger, I couldn't remember the name. So I was at the summer market in the city, and found it there by accident!!


  1. Thanks it's really pretty indeed! Im a big fan of beautiful covers! It sounds like a good book too.. the reviews are good for it too! mostly three or four stars!

  2. It won't let me comment on you page.. I don't know why but it says page unavailable if I click on the comments! Will try it with Firefox maybe that will work!

  3. The cover of Willow is so pretty! I love the cover model's red hair.
    Enjoy all your lovely books! (:

    My STS

    1. It is I love red head models too! Also in movies, I watched Hansel and Gretel yesterday, one of the good witches was also a red head here hair was really pretty, but Im not sure if it was here own or coloured..

  4. Banished From Grace looks really good. Old follower via bloglovin. Come check out my STS haul:

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah I really hope it is as good as the cover looks!!!