Sunday, August 30, 2015

Swinging Saturdays #54: Lowlands vs Pukkelpop

Swinging saturdays is a musical meme hosted by Ice Cold Passion, to share our passion for music. The goal is to make a top 5 (or Top 10) for whatever genre or artist you like or get creative and share a theme based music top 5. For example a bookish soundtrack, funny songs, song to listen to on a rainy day top 5.

It is that time of year, the time for the greatest biggest badest festivals out there. Last weekend there were so many festivals going on that is isn't even funny anymore. The largest two festivals that are hot and happening are Lowlands and Pukkelpop!

Lowlands is one of the largest festivals in the Netherlands, which I never have visited yet. Even though it is almost in my backyard so to say. It is only a half hour drive from where I live. The reason I never went is that I didn't want to go alone. I only recently came to the conclusion that if I want to ever make it to Lowlands, maybe I should just go, even if that means going alone.

Lowlands is or maybe was three-day festival, this year they opened their doors earlier that other years, namely on thursday. However there are some events going on on thursday, Friday until Sunday is when all the fun happens. The thing about Lowlands is that there are always lots of new names, band you might never have heard of. This in my opinion, as a never been there but want to go person, is what makes Lowlands, well uh Lowlands.

In the meantime, our southern neighbors are already on there last day of Pukkelpop a four day festival that started on Wednesday the 19th until today, so today is the last day! Pukkelpop a Belgium festival, which is (I think) always in the same weekend as Lowlands? Please correct me if I am wrong. Anyways it is a festival with a similar line-up. Also lots of new bands.

Some of the bands playing Lowlands this year are also playing on Pukkelpop, for example Echosmith, Bastille, All Time Low (which I watched on the Lowlands live stream wicked show!), Bear's Den and Limpbizkit (which I also watched on the live stream very impressive show, and that is coming from someone who is not the biggest fan of their work).

This top 10 will not be about the bands that are playing both festivals, its about those new faces, some old, some renewed.

1. LOWLANDS: FFS aka Franz Ferdinand and Sparks ~ Piss Off

AMAZING, I was not sure what to think of this when I saw them on the line up. I don't know Sparks, and when I looked them up I was not yet convinced, because synthesizers are not really my thing, and his voice, a little high? I am a BIG fan of Franz Ferdinand so I just had to watch this. And I can tell you I was really blown away, because it was freaking awesome! The voice of Russell (Sparks) together with the warm low voice of Franz Ferdinands lead singer Alex makes this a perfect match.
Jus click play will you?

2. PUKKELPOP: Radkey ~  Romance Down

I think I first came across this on Youtube via, via as it usually goes, I get really distracted when searching Youtube, I will start of with some awesome band I love and then in the sidebar I see something interesting which will lead to a entire new search spree. This is also why it takes me so long to put together my Swinging Saturdays sometimes. Radkey is an American punk band, three guys making awesome music.


I actually never heard of this band before I starting looking at the Lowlands line-up, something I do every year. It is a great source for finding new music, I have found some jewels over the years.  Anyways back to AWALNATION, the first song I listened to was Sail, and I immediately loved this one. So this is definitely going on my playlist! If you just see a flash of the lead-singer it could have been Kurt Cobain standing there... The only thing that would make sense is the music.

4. PUKKELPOP: Dropkick Murphys ~ The Boys Are Back

It has always been Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys for me, all though I listen to Flogging Molly more often than I do Dropkick Murphys. Lately I have been in the mood for screaming guitars and up beat music. So I have been listening to the Dropkick Murphys and all my favourite poprock punkband. BTW if you don't know them (or Flogging Molly) think Mumford and Sons mixed with Rancid including also some bagpipes and I think your there.

5. LOWLANDS: Ben Howard ~ Old Pine

I watched this also on the Lowlands live stream. Honestly, I am a bit hesitant now to listen to the 2nd album, I Forget Where We Were. It is really dark and kind of strange. It was an intriguing performance, and I sat through the entire concert but as I said not as happy as the first album.
Here's a song they didn't play, to nurture our wounds.

6. PUKKELPOP: Novastar ~ Because

There are only 2 songs I really like from Novastar, "Because" and "Mars Needs Women". And even that last one is already a bit too "spacey" for me. That is the thing with this band, I just get through a full see without either falling a sleep or turning it of. Still Because is one of my favorite songs and it a home party for Novastar, they are from Belgium.

7. LOWLANDS: La Roux ~ Let Me Down Gently

I am not really that fond of her sound, but live she is really amazing.

8. PUKKELPOP: Benjamin Booker ~ Violent Shiver

"It's Indie Rock 'N Roll For Me" this is actually a line from a Killers song. But yeah that's Benjamin Booker, he has some amazing songs, and his slower song border on Blues more thank rock. Still this is one guy to put on your playlist.

9. LOWLANDS: The Staves ~ Chicago

Interesting trio, beautiful angelic sound. Really worth a listen, I can tell you, you will be mesmerized.

10. PUKKELPOP: Linkin Park ~ Numb

LINKIN FREAKING PARK!!!! No need for anything else just that.

Are you at Lowlands and Pukkelpop? 
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  1. I haven't heard Numb in a long time. It beings back a lot of memories. :) Whenever I hear it now I can't help but singing the Numb/Encore version with Jay-Z. I loved their mashup album together.

    This is a fun meme you've created.

  2. Geez I can't type tonight. Sorry for all the typo's. Its the cough medicine coming out, ha.