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Swinging Saturdays #66: Pinkpop 2017 ~ New vs. Old

Swinging saturdays is a musical meme hosted by Ice Cold Passion, to share our passion for music. The goal is to make a top 5 (or Top 10) for whatever genre or artist you like or get creative and share a theme based music top 5. For example a bookish soundtrack, funny songs, song to listen to on a rainy day top 5.

It is Pentecost weekend here in the Netherlands which means almost everybody will be off on Monday! So we got a nice holiday weekend ahead of us. In Dutch this holiday is called: Pinksteren, this weekend is also famous under the festival-goers, Pinkpop is one of the biggest music festivals in the Netherlands. Ever year Pinkpop gets over 60.000 visitors a day.

You might have guessed by now what I am going to discuss with you today: THE PINKPOP LINE-UP of course! This time I decided to challenge myself, in a battle between old and new. Meaning, bands that have been around forever and new bands/new to me bands. By the way: old won by far!

New: Rag 'N' Bone Man ~ The Bitter End

Album: Human
One they he was just there, that one song "Human". After hearing it once I decided to Youtube if he had more music. Surprisingly this was one of the other songs that stood out. I promise you this will be his next big hit! If it isn't already.

Old: Biffy Clyro ~ Wolves of Winter

Album: Eclipse
When I was younger I used to watch of MTV 2 now called MTV Rocks (it is nog part of my TV subscription anymore), it is there that I first seen/heard Biffy Clyro "Many of Horror", instantly loved the song, and downloaded all the albums.

New: James Arthur ~ Say You Won't Let Go

Album: Back From The Edge
Apparently he won, the British X factor, though I have never heard from him, I did hear this song on the radio. No wonder it ended up in the new, because to me he is new talent, and can I just say, very handsome as well. Those beautiful eyes...

Old: Kodaline ~ All I want

Album: In A Perfect World
For years I have been thinking: " I should listen to these guys more often" but for some reason I never did. All I want is the only song I know, the album dates from 2013, hence the old. The have been playing the big festivals since then. If I were going to Pinkpop I would definitely go see them play.

New: My Baby ~ Uprising

Album: Shamanaid
I have been following them for a while now and they will give Pinkpop color with their eccentric music, right now I know what they remind me of: DeWolff! It is a nice mix between blues, rock and something that might have been played on Woodstock. Very refreshing to see them show up in the Pinkpop line-up.

Old: Sum 41 ~ We're All To Blame

Album: Chuck
Their first hit here in the Netherlands was "In Too Deep", which came from All Killer, No Filler, it has been on my playlist since it came out, and it is still their best ablum, Chuck comes in second in that list.

New: Amber Run ~ I Found

Album: 5AM
This is a beautiful hidden gem, in the line up. Wow, they blown me away, such great vocals. A mix between Bastille and Alt-J.

Old: Rancid ~ Ruby Soho

Album: ...And Out Came The Wolves
This was a band I wouldn't expect to make an appearance at Pinkpop, but since they are, I could not, not add them in this top 10. They are still one of my favourite punk bands.

New: James TW ~ When You Love Someone

Single: When You Love Someone
Continuing with the pop wave that has hit Pinkpop this year (be glad that I am not adding Bieber). "The new" part of this post is a bit like listening to Radio 538 (the pop radio station which I hate with a passion). Don't get me wrong, the selected songs on this blogs, are handpicked by me, and have my preference.

Old: Green Day ~ Bang Bang

Album: Revolution Radio
Now I really wish I won the lottery today, because well, this is the best band out of the entire line up! Go Fuck Off Justin Bieber, Green Day will take the stage now!

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