Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Liebster award nominations!!!!

Good afternoon lovely people,

So yesterday I answered the questions of the two bloggers that nominated me for a Liebster Award: Monique from Mo Books and Margaret from Literary Chanteuse see the post here: Click! Today I am discussing my nominees! And I am also going to tell you why I nominated them! I have chosen INTERNATIONAL bloggers, since I am one my self! I thought it would be fun to keep it international!

What is the Liebster Award? 

The Liebster Award is a way to help blogs you like with less than 200 followers, and to give them some deserved attention so our followers can discover them as well.

Link back the blogger that tagged you;

Nominate 10 others;
answer the questions of the one who tagged you; 
Ask 10 questions for the bloggers you nominate;
Let your nominees know of their award;

So here are my nominations!!! It was really hard to put this list together! Since I follow over 200 blogs! 

1. Natali @ Book Cupid (Canada)
She was one of my first followers! And I enjoy her reviews a lot, they are nice and short, with a clear opinion. (I have trouble keeping it short myself lol, mmight learn something there). 

2. Laurien @ Curls and Books (The Netherlands)
This is one of the blogs I started following recently. I enjoy her post and thought to give her an well deserved nomination!

3. Jamie @ Vailia Page Turner (Canada)
Here's were I go if I need a good suggestion for what fantasy to read! I often find mysef saying: Hey I didn't know that one! I really need to read this!

4. Mina @ Mina's Bookshelf (USA)
The coolest thing about her blog is that she finds drinks to go with the books!!! How awesome is that?!

5. Book bunny @ Book Bunny's Burrow (Finland)
I just envy her design!! I love the whole bunny theme and the fact that she own's two lovely bunnies aswell! How cute, if you wanna see an awesome blog design hop over and say hi!

6. Leesdame @ Leesdame (The Netherlands)
This blog keeps me connected with my Dutch Heritage, so to say, she blogs in Dutch and reads a lot of dutch author. I like her reviews they are dynamic and honest.

7. Guinevere and Libertad @ Twinja Book Reviews  (USA)
I love what they stand for: Fighting to bring multiculturalism to YA fantasy and science fiction novels! I think this is a very noble goal and I enjoy their articles about multiculturalism they are always interesting and it makes you think!

8. Isabel @ Sab the Book Eater  (Philippines)
She always puts a smile on my face, her posts are witty en funny!

9.  Bieke @ Istyria Book Blog (Belgium)
Another great blog design, great giveaways and ofcourse great reviews.

10. Jack @ The Book Stop (Ireland)
Well first of all, I believe he is the few male blogger I follow, you would be able to count them on two hands, as we would say in the Netherlands. Ćnyways a while back he did a dystopian month which was totally awesome! And it is becoming one of my new favourite genres, so it was cool to read about all the books that are out there in this genre! Thank for that Jack!

Here are my questions at te nominees:

1. What makes your blog unique?

2. Why do you blog and what's your goal?

3. Do you support literature from your country and what are some the authors from your country we would need to know about?

4. What book have you read  so many times that you lost count?

5. Where do you like to read? (If you want you can include a pic of your reading spot)

6. Do you have any advise for new bloggers?

7. What is your favourit book-turn-into-movie and why?

8. You are sitting in a bar and your favourite author walks into the bar, what would you ask him/her? 

9. Which genre do you prefer to review and why?

10. Have you ever travelled outside the country you are from? Which countries did you visit?


  1. Thank you for your recent visit to my blog. I am a new follower of your blog through Networked Blogs.

  2. Thank you so much :3 I'm so honoured :) You're the third to nominate me in like a week :D

  3. Hi Irene! Thanks for the nomination! I have more than 200 followers now though :(

  4. More than 200 followers as well...but so nice of you to nominate me. It made my day!! :D

    1. You are welcome! I have more than 200 followers as well!

  5. Wat een eer dat jij mij gekozen hebt!
    It's a big honor for me!

    1. Alsjeblieft!:) I vind je reviews super! Zo hou ik ook nog een beetje mijn nederlandse literatuur bij:P

  6. Thank you so much for nominating me, it feels awesome!
    I'll be answering your questions on my blog, thanks again! :D

  7. Thank you thank you for the nomination! This is awesome :)