Saturday, October 26, 2013

Swinging Saturdays #18 Halloween Edition: Halloween

Swinging saturdays is a musical meme hosted by Ice Cold Passion, to share our passion for music. The goal is to make a top 5 (or Top 10) for whatever genre or artist you like or get creative and share a theme based music top 5. For example a bookish soundtrack, funny songs, song to listen to on a rainy day top 5.
Hello everyone it's almost Halloween!!!!

Are you going trick or treating??? Or going to a Halloween party?? Here in the Netherlands we don't really celebrate but Dutch TV is trying hard! Lol  Don't know what music to listen to on Halloween maybe this will help you out, my interpretation of perfect Halloween music!

1. Nightmare for Christmas ~ This Is Halloween

2. Disturbed ~ Forsaken

This is the soundtrack of one of my favourite movies of all time: Queen of the Damned.

3. Within Tempation ~ Candles

4. Jace Everett ~ Bad Things

5. Epica ~ Cry for the moon

So that's it for my Top 5!!!What is your Top 5 this week? 
Want to host Swing Saturdays next week? 
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