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Books: Bitten ~ Kelley Armstrong

Title: Bitten
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Series: Women of the Otherworld, book #1
Publisher: Plume, imprint of Penguin
Publishing date: 29th of June 2010
Number of pages: 518 p.
Language: English, Dutch, Spanish, German, a.o.
Age Category: Adult
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About Bitten

Elena Michaels seems like the typically strong and sexy modern woman. She lives with her architect boyfriend, writes for a popular newspaper, and works out at the gym. She's also a werewolf.

Elena has done all she can to assimilate to the human world, but the man whose bite changed her existence forever, and his legacy, continue to haunt her. Thrown into a desperate war for survival that tests her allegiance to a secret clan of werewolves, Elena must reckon with who, and what, she is in this passionate, page-turner novel.
(Source: from the back of the book)

My Review

I have re-read this book a while back, this is the second time I have read it. While preparing this review I was going through my notebooks in which I normally write my thoughts on the books I read, however it turns out, I never did discuss it. Not the first time around (which was back in 2014), not after finishing in February 2017.  I did however write down some quotes, and I must say when reading them I had a great laugh. A fond bookish memory.

Nick held up half a pair of white panties and grinned at me. "Wild dogs? Or just Clayton?" "Oh God" I mutter under my breath.
The thing with this book is, I love it, but I don't love it enough to keep ready, like is the case with all 5 star books on my blog. It is not that the story is bad, or that the characters are not likable. I think it has more to do with the pace of the book. Even though it picks up after a while it sometimes slows again. This is about the only "bad" thing I can say about this book. 

The story of Elena Michaels is great. Elena struggles with the fact that she is a werewolf, and the fact that she is the only female werewolf is not helping much either. The struggle seems realistic and we go on the journey together with Elena, a journey to find her place in the world of men. 

You might think now that Elena is weak, but that is not the case she stand her ground on many fronts. And by the end of the book, she turns out to be a kick ass heroine. Which ofcourse is one of the reasons I love this book. I always love strong female characters.

" Nobody Likes a sore lose." I said. "Grit your teeth and bear it. There's no crying in werewolf games. Didn't Daniel teach you that?"
Another big plus of course is that the story is partly based in Canada (Toronto) and that the author also is Canadian. As some of you might know I fond of all things Canadian, as I have lived there for 1,5 years and sometimes I miss it. So when I get a change to read about my second home, the longing eases a bit.


This urban fantasy set partly the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada takes you through a journey of a young female werewolf trying to find her place in this cruel world. Smart conversations, hot werewolves and beautiful setting. What else do you want?

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