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Books: 25 book from my physical TBR I want to read in 2020

Welcome everyone, 

2021 is going to be a great reading year, I can just feel it. Well actually, I have set some goals for myself to get my reading back on track, because to the left is my reading corner downstairs. 

I think that all most half of the books in this book case have not been read yet. I think I might have a bit of a problem­čśť. I thought it would be a good idea to change this in 2021. 

Tick off some more reads, I have gathered some wonderful editions on these shelves, some I bought myself, some were gifts from family and friends. 

If you are ever interested to see the more special editions I have let me know, maybe I can do a post about it, of maybe I will try to make a video. 

I have picked 25 books of my physical TBR, that I am going to read this year, hopefully I can keep to this TBR.

1. Heir of Fire - Throne of Glass #3 ~ Sarah J. Maas
Yes I know I am so far behind with reading my Sarah J. Maas books. I have read Throne of Glass twice already and also have read Crown of Midnight, but for some reason I never continued with the series even though I enjoyed both previous books in the series.
This was a Christmas gift of my boyfriend, it is one of those books I really really want to get to, because, well it is Sarah J. Maas and because this is an adult fantasy, it is said to be very different from Throne of Glass and A Court Of Thornes and Roses Series. I am very curious how it turns out, and also who the characters are on my Fairyloot Tarot cards!
3. A Darker Shade of Magic - Shade of Magic #1 ~ V.E. Schwab
I have been in love with the covers of this series for a long time, there are so many books that I don't get around to buying and when I saw this in a book store while we were on vacation I thought what the hell lets pick it up. I am not going to give you a synopsis that will follow with my review, but I have heard there are multiple dimensions/London's and that the magic system in this book is very interesting. It sound dark and beautiful

This is one of the most hyped books of 2020. I actually had the honour of meeting the author at Dutch Comiccon, so I have a signed version of the book. I really am hoping to finish this one this year, because it is different from anything else on the list, with the setting in China. I like to read divers, so I am very curious how I like this one.
5. Red Glove - Curse Worker #2 ~ Holly Black
I have re-read White Cat by Holly Black in November, I still have to review it, because it is a great story, eventhough it is a little bitter(sweet) as well. I need to finish series, it is a real problem I read the first book of a series, forget about it, continue on with something else and then never return to it. Then I end up re-reading the first book and the circle continues. It is becoming very annoying so if you have any tips or tricks to getting me to continue a series please let me know.

6. Black Heart - Curse Worker #3 ~ Holly Black

Did I tell you I need to finish series? Well yes I just did, didn't I? This is the last book in the Curse Worker Trilogy and can I just hope we can leave it on a happy ending? I really hoping for this because well, out main character has not had much succes at it in the first book, and not even in the beginning of the second book either, which I have already started.
7. Catching Fire - Hunger Games #2 ~ Susanne Collins
Embarrasing right, that I have never finished the Hunger Games trilogy. I am going to hide now....
So I have read the first 3 books in the Mercy Thompson series, Moon Called, Blood Bound and Iron Kissed in 2020. I am having a great time with this series and I currently own 3 more volumes in this series, what I like about them is that they focus on 1 kind of species at the time, so the first one focusses on werewolves, the second one on vampires and the third one on the fae. I am curious to learn what book four is about. I have not actually read the synopsis for it yet.

9. Bone Crier's Moon - Bone Grace ~ Kathryn Purdie
This book has been hyped up on Youtube and I know Fairyloot did a special edition of this one as well, the second book in the series is also getting a Fairyloot edition, if I remember correctly. I am very curious if I will like this one as the ratings on this book vary. The cover is stunning though.
I bought this somewhere during the summer, Martijn stole it right away, he has already finished it and loved it! He even gotten the second and the third book for Christmas, so if I am tempted I could finish the trilogy in one go if I want to. Yeah I know, this is probably not happening. I can still dream right? I have been obsessed with this cover ever since it came out.
11. Insurgent - Divergent #2 ~ Veronica Roth
This is going to be the second time I am going to hide in embarrasement on this list, it is not that I am anti series or anything, I just never seems to finish them. This is going to be the year though, that I do. Wish me luck!
On with some classics then, this is my favorite Studio Ghibli movie of all time, I am very curious if the movie did the book justice. I got this one for my birthday last year, I have a beautiful Folio Society edition of it with stunning illustrations by Marie-Alice Harel, it comes with a beautiful slipcover (I love slipcovers).
13. Pet Sematary ~ Stephen King
I have been enjoying some more horror of late, it started during the horror season (October if you are wondering), but I want to get into horror a bit more this year, well, let start out with the master of horror himself then. I have never read a Stephen King book. This list is confronting me with so many things, yes people, I have never read a Stephen King, but that will change once I have finished this one.
More cover love, I can't seem to help myself, I have heard lots about this book, I own the whole trilogy with these covers I might add, because I am not so fond of the other ones. I am dying to read this, and very curious if I could get used to the sidenotes that the book contains.
15. Star Daughter ~ Shveta Thakrar
I had this on my wish list for a long time, it sounds very interesting, by stars I always think of Stardust (I have yet to read the book, I love the movie). The ratings for this are again very different, I think you either love or hate it. I hope it will not dissapoint me.
16. Deathless Girls ~ Kiran Hargrave Millwood
I just like pretty covers, oke? This was suggested to me by Bookdepository when I was on a shopping spree, it was very cheap for a hardcover so I cover bought it. When it arrived it turned out to be even prettier than I thought it would be, the endpapers are stunning, and under the dust jacket a surprise was waiting as well.
17. Incendiary- Hollow Crown #1 ~ Zoriada C├│rdova
You would almost think this post is sponsored by FairyLoot, it is not, I have been a subscriber, for almost a year now and enjoy all the beautiful editions I have required, now I only need to start reading them, so here is yet another stunning FairyLoot edition I want to get to this year. To more will follow below as well. Do you have a book box subscription? What are your experiences?
18. The Gilded Ones - Deathless #1 ~ Namina Forna
This is also a FairyLoot edition, and this has not even been released yet! Well I own a copy now, I think this will be my next read. I would like to finish is before the releases in February.
19. Circe ~ Madeline Miller
I love mythology and witches, so this one is right up my alley, I briefly read the first page of the book, I already can tell this will be great, I like the writing style already.
When I read the synopsis I was hooked right away, have I ever told you I am a big fan of L.J. Smith? This reminds me of The Vampire Diaries, the part they spend in hell. I hope I love it as much as L.J.'s work.
21. Fable - Fable #1 ~ Adrienne Young
This is also a FairyLoot edition, it was my least favorite box of the year, allthough I must say the brush that was in this box did come in handy. I just am not so fond of mermaids and thinks related to the sea. Oh well shit happends, so far that was the only box that was not up to my taste.
22. Inheritance ~ Inheritance Cycle #4 ~ Christopher Paolini
I have actually read the first three books in the series, but then it took a long time for Inheritance to publish, and you guessed it, I got distracted by other books and never actually finished the series. I have already re-read Eragon last year, and hope to re-read Eldest & Bringr before I will finish the series, as I cannot remember much of the story, it has been year since I picked it up.
23. A Discovery Of Witches - All Souls #1 ~ Deborah Harkness
There seems to be a new genre on the rise, Dark Academia. There are some other books I really want to get to in this genre think of Ninth House, The Invisible Life of Addie Larue or the Secret History. Let's start of with a book that is already part of my collection shall we? This is a long book so it will probably take me a while to finish.
24. Time Keepers ~ Nicki J. Markus
I won this I think on Goodreads, never really gotten around to read it though, I think this is about the shortest book on this list.
25. Frankenstein ~ Mary Shelley
I want to read at least one classic this year, I have a nice collection of Wordsworths Classics, this is one of them. I remember buying them at "Het Boekenfestijn", which is a large book exhibition in the Netherlands, unfortunately they stopped. I got a lot of classics for €2,00 a piece, and I kind of like how they look on my shelf.

That is it for this very long list of books, if you made it to the end of this long post, then well done! I haven't started reading any of the books of this list yet, since I was finishing something else I started in 2020. I finished My Plain Jane yesterday, review will be coming up soon. 

 What does you physical TBR look like? what does your physical TBR look like?

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