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Books: Blood Bound ~ Patricia Briggs


Title: Blood Bound
Author: Patricia Briggs
Series: Mercy Thompson Series book #2
Publisher: ACE Books
Publishing date: January 2007
Number of pages: 292 p.
Language: English, Dutch a.o.
Age Category: Adult
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About Blood Bound

Mercy Thompson is a mechanic, all thought this is all she wants the humans around her to know. She is so much more than that, she is as we found out in book 1, a walker. Shapeshifting into a coyote form when ever she feels like it, and for the most part immune to magic. 

She is surrounded by the supernatural, like for example her werewolf neighbor and her friend Stefan the vampire, who she owes a favor. A favor that will now be repaid. Mecry sets out with Stefan, to deal with vampire business, as a visiting vampire has not kept to Marsilia's (head of the vampire seethe) rules. They soon find out the vampire is not all that, he is also a sorcerer, stirring up trouble in the Tri-City area. Mercy and Stefan barely make it out of the vampire sorcerer's grip. It left Mercy scared as hell, and Stefan is doubting his own memories. 

 Will they be able to stop the vampire-sorcerer from killing everybody in town?

My thoughts on Blood Bound

I keep flying through these books, they are so full of action that I just can't seems to stop reading them, The introductions is usually a bit slower, but when the story takes off, there is no stopping. The first book seemed to focus on the werewolf, telling us about the pack, about Mercy growing up with werewolves.

This second books seems to focus more on introducing what else goes bumping in the night. We get a little bit of an introduction to Stefan and the vampire Seethe, lead by Marsilia. This book focusses on Stefan. I was very curious about Stefan when I finished the first book, I enjoy his character and he is a nice counter weight to the serious werewolf bunch. I am very pleased that we get to know more about Stefan in this book. The introduction to the vampire sorcerer is one of my favorite scenes, it is terrifying, horrible and I loved it. I was right there with Mercy. From there it slowed down a bit, the werewolves took over the investigation together with Stefan, trying to find the sorcerer and trying to kill him.

This is the part I don't enjoy, I don't like that Mercy lets herself be put on the sidelines to watch. And I am glad that Mercy is not one to keep standing there long. This is one of the minor things that bothered me about the book, understand that it might have been necessary for the plot but those chapters were a little boring, annoying even.

Mercy makes up for it when she takes on Marisilia, I almost forgot about this scene. When Adam goes missing Mercy thought it was high time for her to get her butt back in the game. She meets with Marsilia, and that scene is phenomenal such a joy to read. The rest of the story goes very quickly event upon event just the way I like it.

When the vampire sorcerer has been defeated, you would think the story is over, but it is not. Mercy does something that even I did not expect she had the courage to do.


All in all this was a great sequel to Moon Called. The focus on the vampires which have their own rules and society. It was fun, but was it as much fun as the first? I am not sure, it was a solid story but I had some issues with it as well. Therefore I think this book is more of a 4 star read for me, still very enjoyable, but does not have that edge I get from a 5 star read. I will be continuing onwards with the series. I own own 1 to 6 so I don't have to wait to continue.

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