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Books: The Bake Off ~ Susan Willis


Title: The Bake Off
Author: Susan Willis
Number of Pages: 91 p.
Sort Story: Novella
Publishing Date: 29th of July 2013
Publisher: Endeavour Press Ltd.
Language: English
Age category: Adult



About The Bake Off

Nicola can't believe it when she is invited to appear in the regional television competition of The Bake Off.
 Still reeling over her husband leaving her for a slim, pretty twenty-something, she feels her competitive side flair up when she meets her main rival - a stunning, skinny, twenty-four year old called Gemma. 

 Nicola is sure that the jaw-dropping gorgeous presenter, David Chambers, is flirting with her - but she has noticed he has his eye on Gemma as well. He may be attracted to Gemma's pert figure and flirty laugh, but he can't resist Nicola's delicious cooking. Is David as charming as he seems? 

My thoughts

I loved this cute little novella, it reads like an episode of Sugar Rush, but then including all the behind the scenes. I absolutely adored this story, allthough I am not really sure about our main character. Nicola seems a bit naive, which in my opinion does not really fit in with the whole divorced and betrayed personality. The way she clings on the handsom presenter, seems a bit much, but on the otherhand I get that when such eyes look your way you will feel like that.

This is a very cliche romance story with all the tropes included, but what makes this stand out is the excellent description of the baked goods. It was mouth watering at time, and to my surprise, the final desert recipes are included at the back of the book! So if you love baking (like I do). I am definitely going to try them out, and thank you author for having it in the metric system! That is awesome which means I don't have to use a converter like I sometime have to use for my recipes.


This was a fun, cute and delicious read, only thing it lacked a bit was on character dimensions, the were a bit superficial, but it did work for this story, I loved the fact that you can actually make the delicious baked goods if you want to, nice tough indeed! All in all a solid 3 star read.


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