Thursday, December 10, 2020

Books: Wintery recommendations


Hi everybody, 

Christmas is nearing and I am already very excited for it I love winter and the early darkness, the cozy winter reading sprints and just generally being around the house. I always try to take some time off between Christmas and New Years eve, this time I have to weeks off, totally off that is.  

I haven't told you this but the reason I left the blogosphere was because I started my own company, which I run together with my sister. For 3 years we have put all our hours into the business, for three years we have not take much time for ourselves, which meant no time for blogging. 

Now that we have build up our business and we have build a name for ourselves we are still working a lot of hours but we finally also get to enjoy a bit of free time, we have decided that it was time for vacation. I am really looking forward to spending sometime off, sleeping in and read a lot of books. Catch up on all things I have missed out on for the years I wasn't actively blogging.

Anyways I a going a bit off topic here, but I am just very excited. Now with winter and Christmas coming in the picture, I thought I would share some wintery book recommendations with you. These are all filled with frost, cold and lots of snow. Something I am really missing, the Netherlands does not get snow in winter, we get either mush that looks like snow but definitely isn't or we get good old fashioned rain. So I love some snowy reads around this time a year.

I have picked out 4 books for you that I have all read, I never got around to reviewing any of these but they are all interesting in different ways.

1. Fracture by Megan Miranda

So Delaney survived drowning and freezing to death when she went through the ice of a nearby lake. 11 minutes she was death, but somehow she came out of it alive and kicking. She is not the most likeable main character you will ever meet, but the story is very intriguing as you do not know what is happening around Delaney, we do not know why she is drawn to the death, it is never really explained very clearly. There is enough happening in this story and it discusses some topics I have not seen YA books before. The whole story is set in winter, it is dark, eery and death is part of it. I am not sure were to place this genre wise, make it a wintery mystery.

2. Podium Finish ~ Beth Pond

Oh come on, Olympic Winter Games, how wintery do you want to get? It doen't get any better than that, I
absolutely loved this book. It is about to athletes, one plays ice hockey the other is an ice dancer. Some very different disciplines and if you are in sports books this is the wintery pick for you. It focusses on the athletes, that are making their way to the Olympic Games. I thought this book was very unique in this way with the focus on the sports I absolutely loved it, and cannot recommend it enough.
You can read my full review for this book here.

3. Frost ~ Kate Avery Ellison

A wintery epic fantasy pick, as we dive into the world of Frost, the story is absolutely beautiful. We have a  strange new world to investigate, creatures lurking in the woods, and what about the city, what is is like? There are many questions, some get answered in this first book some will have to wait another day. If you are looking for a YA epic fantasy set in winter with a though of romance, than this is for you. It really is worth your time, I asure you. I yet have to pick up the rest of the series. I am very bad with finishing any series I haven't been able to finish any series for a long time, 2021 is the year I am starting lol. 

4. Christmas Magic ~ Alexandra Moody

This book is awesome! What if all christmas beings are creatures, and they are living among us. Like elves, good and bad, Krampusses, reindeer shifters. In this urban fantasy we get it all, all the christmas creatures in one badass story. I am so glad that I found this book, it was just what I needed, and I love the world Alexandra created in this book, and I will be picking up the rest of the series just around christmas. For any christmas loving fantasy reader this would be a perfect fit. I will be writing a full review for this book soon. Probably a little bit closer to Christmas, so keep your eye out on my blog if you want to know more.

That is it for my wintery recommendations I hope you enjoyed them, are you planning on picking up any of these, after me getting really excited about them and probably not describing everything very well. Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more posts like this.

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