Monday, December 28, 2020

Books: 2020 in Books

I thought it would be nice to do an overview of the books I reviewed on the blog this year. It is not going to be a very long list as I of course only got back to blogging from October onwards. I love what I have done with the blog so far, and hope to keep it up in the new year. 

Lets look back at the reviews of 2020:

Anna Dressed in Blood ~ Kendare Blake

As I came back in October what better way to start of with a young adult horror story? I have read Anna Dressed In Blood and I love the feel the books gives me, although Cas will never be my favorite character.
Read my review: here

Girl of Nightmares ~ Kendare Blake

Of course I had to conclude this duology at some point, so for the Halloween month I decided to also read Girl of Nightmares. And boy was this one a struggle, I got even more annoyed with our main character Cas, but it was all worth it in the end, I actually kind of loved the ending! Read my review: here

Fractured Legacy ~ Skye Callahan

Right up there with the horror YA was Fractured Legacy, that got really freaking scary. This was so good, great story, lots of scary moments. The perfect read for Halloween. Read my review here

Moon Called ~ Patricia Briggs

I re-read Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, it is still the wild ride I remembered it to be, I have re-read a lot of books this year, mainly to provide you with good quality reviews, but also because sometimes I did not remember why I fell in love with the books in the first place. You can read my review here

Underneath ~ Heather Marie Adkins

This is a short story by Heather Marie Adkins, of which I have also read Eternal Youth, which she wrote with Julia Crane and Nolia McCarthy. This is a bit of a mysterious story and it has some problems. The concept is great though. You can read my review here

Blood Bound ~ Patricia Briggs

I have also read the second book in the Mercy Thompson series, I think I liked this one even more than the first one. This one focusses more on the vampires in Mercy's world. It thought Stefan is a very interesting charater and I love how different these vampires are from what I have read before. Marsilla is really something. You can read my review here.

The Bake Off ~ Susan Willis

What pulled me in was the cover, I love those covers with this kind of illustration on the front. I think they are so cute, and I tend to one-click-buy covers like these. I was looking for a quick, wholesome read, and I found it. This novella is about a baking competition. And I will have some recipes to try. You can read my review here.

Christmas Magic ~ Alexandra Moody

Last but certainly nog least, Christmas Magic, a book I picked up last Christmas, but did not 
finish until somewhere this summer. I have an incredibly busy live, which gives me limited time to read. I am making some changes in 2021 though, so I should have more time to read hopefully. This is the perfect Christmas read for urban fantasy fans. You can read my review here.
Well these were all the books I reviewed this year, I hope to do better in 2021. It will be one of my goals, so hopefully I can keep to them! For now I hope you enjoyed this little overview. Wishing everybody a happy new year if you don't see any of my other post.

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