Thursday, October 15, 2020

Books: Underneath - Heather Marie Adkins

Heather Marie Adkins
Publisher: self published
Publishing date: June 2011
Number of pages: approx. 50 P.
Language: English
Sort story: Short Story, standalone
Age Category: Adult 

About Underneath

An ancient city, entombed beneath a museum that seeks to understand the brutal race that once inhabited the underground world. A young woman with special empathic powers offered a job to create an exhibit of the city's artifacts. Underneath, they wait for her.

My thoughts on Underneath

I was thinking on what to post for a horrorish themed month, and I remember that this little short story gave me the chills. It was just the right amount of eery, creepy that you would like for a Halloween read. I throughroughly enjoyed reading this story, however I have to say it felt a bit flat. I wish that their was more to the story, more history of the ancient city. I think the idea is great and I would love to see this story as a full legnth book, diving into the details.

I have read one other work from this author, which she wrote together with Julia Crane, this was a long time ago, but it is one of the books that has always stayed with me, this was Eternal Youth which was a great read, maybe I will reread it and actually review that one on the blog as well. Who knows?


This was a short fun read, but it needs some work,the characters and the history could have been developed a bit more. I would love for this to be turned into a full lenght book, I think the author is of to a great start with this one, I just wanted there to be more of the story. Therefore this little story gets a 3 out 5 stars.


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