Sunday, October 18, 2020

Swinging Saturdays #75: Seven Deadly sins

Swinging Saturdays is a musical meme hosted by Ice Cold Passion, to share our passion for music. The goal is to make a top 5 (or Top 10) for whatever genre or artist you like or get creative and share a theme based music top 5. For example a bookish soundtrack, funny songs, song to listen to on a rainy day top 5.
So today, one day too late, we are diving into the seven deadly sins, Halloween is coming and the seven deadly sins remind me of my favorite tv series, Supernatural. Please watch episode 1 of season 3, it is cruel, but so good! I still think the first 3 seasons are the best. Have you ever seen Seven (1995) so it is a bit of an older one but it is great, it is about a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as a reason to kill.Anyways, I was going to post this yesterday but this list has been a real struggle, I only finalized it today. 

1. Lust

I was actually going to go with Gorilla from Bruno mars, or maybe Paradise by the Dashboard Lights by Meat loaf, but this one is a bit darker, and I think this fits the theme of Lust much better. Of course I had to chose for the intro of True Blood, the intro is so creepy this is perfect.
Album: Red Revelations

2. Gluttony

This list is harder to put together than I thought it would be, it took me a while to figure out which songs would work with each category. I actually forgot about song, but in my search for fitting songs I came across, this parody of Beat It, by Michael Jackson. I am ofcourse talking about Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic.
Album: In 3D

3. Greed

This is actually one of my favorite songs of songs of the album Demom Days, I just like that it is told as a fairy tale, once upon a time. The story told, is one of Greed, I did a bit of a victory cry when I finally figured out that this is the most perfect song for this sin. By the way if you never listened to the entire album please give it a try, it is very good, I think it is really good, very relaxing also. I hope you enjoy this one, as it is one you would hear on the radio. Oh they have an art video for this one!!! AWESOME!
Album: Demon Days

4. Sloth

Today I don't want to do anything.. This is the perfect embodiment of Sloth.
Album: Doo-Wops & Hooligans

5. Wrath

Not only is Anger in the name of the song, but fans were very angry about this album. I think this is a great representation of wrath as seen in a song, the music also sounds very angry.
Album: St. Anger

6. Envy

I was actually thinking about Bernadetta by Gruppo Sportivo for this one, as Envy is closely related to jelousy which is the toppic of that song. Then I was talking with Martijn about Mika, and that he also can sing in French and that he did a song together with Adriana Grande, that I think is actually pretty good, I love the video for this song, and I think it shows envy very well. I hope you enjoy it as well.
Album: The Origin of Love


The worst of the worst sins, according to religion and one of the hardest ones to fine. I have had so much struggle with finding songs for this list. The first thing that came to mind was Pride and Joy from Stevie Ray Vaughn, it is an obvious choice, so I decided to look further. I was reading up on the 7 deadly sins, when it was mentioned that Dante, saw the building of the Tower of Babel as an example of Pride. You might now know where this is going of course, Mumford and Sons. I love the entire album but lets just go with the title song for this one.
Album: Babel

I have made it through the 7 deadly sins! Let me tell you it really was one of the hardest lists I have ever made.

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