Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Challenge Month!

First of all to all who have Sunny weather today! Enjoy! It is a beautiful day here in the Netherlands.
I have been living outside for the last couple of days (no job yet and school work can be done outside). Sorry for those who don't have beautiful weather or has to work etc. just think: it isn't even summer yet! Keep that in mind and I think you will be allright :P.

So what am I going to be reading this month? Well Im taking on the Challenge! Two reading challenges to be exact. I have been participating in reading challenges @ Goodreads for a couple of months now. Here's what I got going on this week:

The Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Group:
" Using one of the lists in GR's listopia feature, we are going to read 10 books from the Best Paranormal Romance Series.
Read ONE book from EACH page of the first 10 pages of the list. You can read the exact book shown on the page or any book that belongs in that series."

So I selected ten, but because I don't read very fast I'll probably be able to do about half so 5. Here they are:

Feeding The Kindle Addiction
1/3 done!

Pick a Book that either the title or Author's LAST name start with M, A, or Y. (In honor of it being MAY) The words A, An, and The do not count as "first words.

The only requirements the books have to meet is it had to be free or on your reader unread. Because isn't that why we are here, to make room for more freebies :)

If you are having an issue with finding a title or author with the letter Y, please find a cover that is yellow (or has yellow on it) Be sure to specify this is what you are doing.

For this Challenge Im reading 2 of the above  Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble and Hollowland, but also Killing Time By Daisy White! The last one I finished over the weekend! It was pretty good!

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