Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Books: The Mesmer Society Part #1 ~ A.R. Lain

This novel contains sexual situations and mature language. It is intended for an audience at 18+ years of age.
Title: The Mesmer Society
Author: A.R. Lain
Sort of story: Short story series
Published in: 16th February 2013
Publisher: Self published
Language: English only
Number of pages: 38 p.
Age category: Adult
Other parts in this series:
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Mesmer society part 3
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About The Mesmer Society part 1

When photojournalism student Elliot Reid receives an invitation to join the Mesmer Society, she knows it’s her chance to expose the secrets of the most exclusive and mysterious club on campus. But as she delves into the lustful ways of the secret society, she realizes she might be in for more than she bargained for.

Caught in the Mesmers’ web of sex, power exchange and wealth, Elliot is about to discover a new realm of pleasure and fantasy. But is she willing to pay the price? (source: Goodreads)

My opinion;

So, this was my first encounter with the erotica genre, like really erotica, I have read a lot of books lately with pretty detailed and lengthy sex scene, but that was mostly not the main line of the story. This short story was all about sex, and it was hot, interesting since I haven't explored this genre much, so I didn't even know what BDSM meant, I figured out the last part, SM well yeah, everybody know about SM, but the BD was new for me. So as I always do when I want to know something I googled it, and I was like, ooooh now I get it. (Yes people I haven't read The Fifty Shades trilogy, I guess I will have to borrow it from my sis, so I am a bit more up-to-date.)

Anyways I did enjoy this initiation to the Mesmer Society which turned out to be a BDSM society. I like the way Elliot, gets excited on the one hand and rationalizes the events on the other hand. Being torn about what see feels and what she thinks, and then there is the cliffhanger at the end that leaves you begging for part two!  That's why this short story gets 4 stars from me!


Alex (the head of the Mesmer Society) is pushing Elliot to join and what I hear here say to Elliot is the lyrics to this song! " I know you want it".


  1. I can't seem to like anything sexual if it's not by C. J. Roberts :-(

  2. Haven't heard of that writer! Im gonna look it up!