Thursday, June 13, 2013

GFC ~ Google Friend Connect

Above is the Google Friend Connect for the people
who didn't know what it was. Hier boven hoe Google
Friend Connect eruit ziet, voor de mensen die dat nog
niet wisten.
This post is mainly for bloggers, as you might or might not know, rumours about Google Friend Connect (GFC) are flying around on various blogs.

However, I haven't found any articles about it that came from Google itself. The rumour is that GFC might be disappearing from our blogs. Since the rumours don't disappear I want to be prepared, and make you aware of this.

What does the disappearance of GFC mean, you might think? This means you will be loosing all the GFC followers.

This is why, I recently started promoting my new followers to follow through other ways than GFC.
With this post I want to make you, readers aware of this development. And if you are only following via GFC, and you want to keep following me in the future, you might consider switching to one of the other ways to follow me via:

  • Bloglovin: I highly recommend this site, it is very easy to use, and helps you orginize and navigate through all the blogs your following. It also marks the post you read and show the unread post! I think that is awesome, especially if you follow many blog, like I do. 
  • Networked Blogs:  This is another great way of following, Networked Blogs works in a similar way as bloglovin, it also keeps track of which post you read or are unread.
  • Google +:  You can also follow me via Google + ,  I think this will become the substitute for GFC( I am still figuring this one out myself, so I don't know the specifics of how it works). 
  • Facebook: You  can also like my facebook page, where I also share, freebies, quotes, funny pics about books and writing, and other fun stuff! 
  • Twitter: You can also follow me on Twitter through which I share my blog updates, and is also linked to my Facebook page, so you can also see what fun stuff I do on there! 
  • Goodreads: Last but not least, feel free to follow my reviews on Goodreads, or befriend me! Here's where I keep track of my books, what I want to read, authors I like etc. This has become one of my favourite websites.
  • Email: you can now follow me by email aswell!!! 
If you want to read more about GFC and why it might disappear read this awesome article by Parajunkee : Prepare for Google Friends Connect to be Discontinued


  1. What about following through e-mail or RSS?

    1. Thanks for mentioning it! I haven't put up those options yet, that is why I haven't mentioned them.. I will dive into that as well, but for now, these are the current following options.

  2. Just made a post about it too! I don't want people to lose all their GFC followers.

    1. I thought it was time, I should make my readers aware of it, since I notice many ppl are still uninformed about it.